Slighhouse –¬†Blockchain is a system for recording transactions in many databases that are widely distributed across many computers, each containing an identical record. This system is also known as a distributed ledger. With this decentralized record of transactions, it is almost impossible to unilaterally hack or change without changing the majority of all databases.

The records of these transactions are contained in interconnected blocks. If one block is full, it will create the next block linked to the previous block. Transaction records contained in a block created can no longer be changed, so it is often said that blockchain has immutable properties.

Blockchain can stop central corruption. While not all centralization is a negative aspect, there are many areas where people doing business, finding information and communicating with each other can benefit from blockchain technology. Here are five methods by which blockchain can positively impact and influence international trade.

Oasis Network is the first private, active blockchain platform for public finance and a responsible data economy. Combined with high throughput and secure architecture, Oasis Network was able to empower scalable personal DeFi, revolutionize Open Finance, and drive it further than traders and early users of the mass market. Its unique privacy features can not only redefine DeFi, but also create a new kind of digital asset called Data Tokenization that allows users to take control of the data they generate and be rewarded for daring it with apps – which is the first responsible data create economy.

Why the Oasis Network?

The First Active Privacy Blockchain: The Oasis Network is the world’s first scalable and privacy-enabled blockchain. ParaTimes at the Oasis Network can use secret computing technologies, such as secure enclaves, to keep data confidential, opening up new use cases and applications for the blockchain.

Scalable personal deFi: Oasis Network’s privacy design can extend DeFi beyond merchants and early adopters – opening up new mainstream markets. Plus its innovative scalability design delivers high speeds and high throughput for DeFi transactions.

A first to enable data tokenization: the Oasis network can unlock data, unlock game-changing use cases for blockchain, and a whole new ecosystem of apps and projects on the network – enabling the next generation of privacy-first apps.

Fast-growing community: Oasis Network has a thriving community of nearly a thousand node operators, developers, corporate partners, ambassadors, and nearly ten thousand community members involved in global social channels.

Top-level teams: The Oasis team consists of top talents from around the world with backgrounds from Apple, Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, Harvard and others – all committed to increasing the impact and expand. of the Oasis network.

Technological highlights

Divide consensus and execution into two layers – Consensus Layer and ParaTime Layer – for better scalability and increased versatility.

Consensus and execution splitting allow multiple ParaTimes to process transactions in parallel, meaning that a complex workload residing at one ParaTime time will not be faster, and transactions simpler at another.

ParaTime Layer supports decentralization, supports everyone to develop and build their own ParaTime. Each ParaTime can be developed separately to meet specific application needs, such as secret computers, open or closed committees, and more.

Advanced network difference detection makes Oasis more efficient than shaving and parachuting, requiring a smaller replication factor for the same security level.

The network has broad support for secret computer technologies. Oasis Eth / WASI Runtime is an open source example of a secret ParaTime that uses a secure enclave to keep data confidential while in.

Oasis ecosystem

Oasis Network has a fast-growing ecosystem consisting of leading application developers, blockchain infrastructure teams, node operators, universities and more. We are proud to highlight some of our key partners and community members in the table below:

The Oasis team consists of the world’s leading researchers, security experts and privacy advocates – ¬†all working together to build a platform for a responsible data economy.

A new era for Blockchain is the promising investment of Oasis Network!

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